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Another way to protect your home from the damage caused by hurricane winds is by installing impact resistant windows and impact doors. Although these products look like regular windows and doors, they are special and offer much more protection. These systems are capable of withstanding the impact of large objects. With windows and doors of impact, […]

These Miami Impact Windows and doors are manufactured with the special technology that allows them to withstand the impact of strong winds and even flying debris thrown around by hurricanes. There are many individuals that have the misconception that Impact Doors in Miami are only for the areas that constantly suffer from hurricanes. However, there […]

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Living in Florida is awesome, but the irony of living in these beautiful and geographic areas is that while the environment delivers mild temperatures and a lot of sunshine with a peaceful atmosphere, nature sometimes can deliver the severe weather such as hurricanes and tropical storms. Homes in Florida are in need of protection from […]

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Why do we need to make our home safe? There are hundreds of answers to this question, but we think that family is the most popular and assertive one. We all want to have a place where we can feel safe and give our relatives the protection they deserve. That’s why at FBDoors we’d love […]

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For a number of tense days, hurricane Matthew had its sights on southwest Florida. The forecast had homeowners going into panic-mode wondering whether or not their home would be protected. As they scrambled to determine whether or not their windows were hurricane resistant or their shutters ready to take on Matthew. What are Impact Resistant Doors? Impact Resistant Doors are […]