Horizontal Roller

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The horizontal operating mechanism makes this window extremely versatile with rolling and slightly overlapping sashes on the left or right. Horizontal Rollers offer 2- and 3-lite configurations (where one or two panels may open), and many feature removable operating panels for easy cleaning. The Horizontal Roller allows for an uninterrupted vertical view and significant airflow.

It has a number of benefits:

Excellent year-round
security from burglars

Less outdoor noise
and filtered UV light

Integral pulls on the sash
make it easy to operate

Laminated insulating glass in standard and custom muntin patterns to bring down energy prices

Sash can be conveniently
removed during cleaning

Egress connector bar option forzbr>egress and/or handicap requirements

Exceptional durability due to low
friction brass tandem rollers in a nylon housing

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Let’s get it done!