Hurricane season starts from June to the end of November; consequently, the best months to start changing impact windows and doors in South Florida are from December to May.

Temperature is moderate (70s during the day and 50s at night) with a lower percentage of humidity level; therefore, it provides the best condition for any home renovation.

It usually takes an average of 6-12 weeks to complete the installation because when changing your windows and doors, you need to ask for city permits, and in some cases, if you have HOA, they also need to approve it. In addition, each window and door are a custom order, so once the city approves it, companies like FB Doors will have to order them from the manufacturer. Therefore, the whole process of ordering and installation can last weeks.

Impact doors at FB Doors showroom

Impact doors at FB Doors showroom

Benefits of ordering your windows and doors now

  • Supply is higher outside of hurricane season. People get scared, and this means demand spikes and prices too. Better to be safe than sorry.
  • Having hurricane windows and doors provide security during peak months. Many people come to Florida during the winter as the weather is better than in other parts of the country. Impact windows and doors protect against vandalism; as a matter of fact, they resist shattering even when a hurricane could hit your home.
  • Excellent insulators. Hurricane impact doors and windows keep wind and rain out of your home and block heat transfer during the summer. Therefore, you save money on your energy bills. They also cut down on unwanted noise, are more secure, and are easier to maintain.
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed. At FB Doors, we take great pride in our work. Our top priority is keeping you safe. That’s why we offer the best products and installation at an advantageous price. All our installers are correctly trained for the products we carry. We work efficiently by providing excellent work while meeting the highest standards in hurricane safety; this is how we can guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

How does Rain Affect Window Installation?

Rain affects window installation by filling the humid climate with a more condensed surface. That increases the likelihood that wooden frames will swell and warp. Consequently, to be installed incorrectly. Fillers, caulking, or silicone adhesives may not harden properly if the surface is wet, and it can create an imperfect sealing of your windows. Even though professional installers like FB Doors can complete any installation in any weather, rain could slow the installation process, and we do not recommend it. 

Don’t wait for the hurricane season to arrive.

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