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Tropical Storm vs Hurricane

If you are a native or have some time living in the Southwest Florida coast, you’ve most like figured out the two main things about tropical systems. However, if you just moved to the area, or have plans of moving to the Naples, Cape Coral, or Fort Myers, you may want to find out all you can about tropical storms and hurricanes, as well as preventive measures for your home and business during these difficult times. So what makes a difference when comparing tropical storm vs hurricane?

What’s the Difference?

Both tropical storms and hurricanes terribly giant storms that are created over the ocean, beginning out as an occasional pressure system known as a tropical depression. Once a tropical depression strengthens, and wind speeds reach 39mph, the storm becomes a tropical storm. When this happens and a tropical depression becomes a tropical storm, the National Hurricane Center (https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/) offers it a name, such as Tropical Storm Irma. This can be done to scale back confusion once there are multiple tropical systems active at just one occasion. If that storm continues to strengthen, and winds reach over 74mph, the storm is assessed as a hurricane. The name stays the same during and after the transition from tropical storm to hurricane.
So, what’s the biggest distinction between a tropical storm and a hurricane? Wind speed. However that’s not the sole difference. Hurricanes are known for their huge spiral form with a tiny low patch of clear sky within the center, known as the eye. They tend to be very compact, smaller in diameter and more intense than tropical storms.

So Tropical Storms Aren’t that huge of a Deal?

Just because they might not be as intense and also the wind speeds are not up to par against a hurricane, it doesn’t mean you ought to write off the threat of a tropical storm. If a tropical storm remains over heated waters (like the Gulf), It has the potential to accentuate – generally quickly, to a hurricane. Not solely that, but the tropical storms will still cause storm surge, and even “stall” wherever the storm slows to a crawl and sits in one spot, causing rains and constant winds, which might take a significant toll on your home or place of business if you aren’t ready.

Do I want to prepare differently for a Tropical Storm than I might a Hurricane?

Always prepare oneself for the worst, and hope for the simplest when considering the protection of your home or business. Both tropical storms and hurricanes turn out pounding rains and winds, which will send rubble flying, therefore having protection like hurricane shutters, storm panels, or storm screens could be a sensible alternative. Storm screens and shutters are great preparation to have and quick to deploy whenever they’re required. Having impact resistant windows and doors put in, as well as a hurricane resistant garage door is another measure that provides you peace of mind year-around with no extra work or setup required just in case of a tropical storm or hurricane.
At FB Doors, we are prepared to assist you with any of your storm protection needs. From hurricane resistant doors and windows of all types to hurricane resistant garage doors and impact glass windows. Let’s protect your home and family!

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