Preparing yourself for hurricane will reduce the severity of a disaster’s effects. The ultimate goal of taking precautions is to lessen the impact of disasters on vulnerable populations, to ready an organization for an influx of activity, and to design a coordinated plan that reduces the waste of resources, time, and efforts. Preparing yourself before a hurricane will secure more number of lives and property at the time of the disaster. It also brings back the life to normal condition in a shorter span.
Overall, Hurricane safety is mandatory before the occurrence of any disaster. Now, let’s see some of different measures we can take for ensuring safety during hurricane.

Different Measure against Hurricanes

  • Roof Protection is the Key- Usually, in a hurricane your roof might be in danger. Thus, a smart move before a hurricane is probably checking the state of your roof. If your roof is in a compromising condition, then plan to replace your roof before the occurrence of a hurricane.
  • Trim the Trees around your Home- If any tree around your home has dead sections, and then it may probably cause severe damages to your home during the time of hurricane. Not only will a broken tree damage your property, it may also damage your neighbor’s property too. You may encounter roof damage, broken windows, and automobile damages. Removing or trimming the tree will reduce the possible damage that it might cause your property. Another remedy for these issues is the installation of hurricane windows or doors in your home. Hurricane windows and doors are capable of withstanding the damages caused by flying debris.
  • Bracing Your Garage Door- Most people think that during hurricanes roofs are more vulnerable to damage, but in reality garage doors are highly susceptible to damages. Most garage doors are not properly reinforced to withstand the forces exerted by the storm, and this will likely cause the door to break. Thus, you can implement well-reinforced garage doors in your home for preventing the damages.
  • Ensure the safety of your doors and windows- Even boarding your windows or dead bolting your doors will not fetch complete protection from a hurricane’s effects. Severity of the Hurricane will not be resolved in these scenarios. Thus, a comprehensive protection against hurricanes can be given by implementing Hurricane doors and Windows. There is variety of storm protection products which will help you to reduce the damage caused because of Hurricanes. Some of the ideal windows include,

o Hurricane Screens
o Impact Windows
o Hurricane doors and Windows
o Roll-down and Accordion Shutters

Overall, before a hurricane season preparing yourself is the mandatory thing and you need to prepare yourself to ensure your families’ safety. Firstly, ensure the protection of your home’s entrance by installing impact resistant windows and doors. Examine the condition of your home, including solid wood exterior doors, for loose or missing screws. Strong winds are capable of buckling any kind of door if it’s not properly protected and secured.

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