Impact Doors and Windows Installation in Miami

You probably know that hurricane impact windows can protect your home from the high winds and wind-borne debris thrown by a hurricane or a tropical storm. You probably also know that they are the only windows in Miami not required to be covered by hurricane shutters.

You might also know that they can save you money on your monthly insurance premiums because of their extreme ability to keep your home free from damage and safe, both from hurricane-force winds and intruders who try to enter the home by breaking the windows.

But did you know that they can also save you money on your heating and cooling bills?

The heavy duty aluminum framing of impact resistant windows or doors, along with the double layer of laminated glass sandwiched over a middle layer of yet more impact resistant material, makes them very energy efficient.

You might not realize the amount of heat or cold that is transferred by standard windows – you both lose air from inside the home, and transfer heat or cold from outside the home when they are installed.

Impact resistant windows keep this from happening; the air inside the home stays the temperature that you want it to be, and none of the heat or cold from outside the home is let in, because of their outstanding ability to block it.

The money you save on heating and cooling bills could be substantial, and makes the hurricane impact windows pay for themselves in time. We all know the heat and humidity of a summer month in Miami; don’t you want your home to stay cool and dry during the wet season?

If so, hurricane impact windows and doors should definitely be on your list of additions to your home. After you install them, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do this sooner. The money you save is just one advantage – though it is a good one – but being more comfortable in your own home is priceless.

Installing Impact Windows and Doors in Miami

Choosing your installer can be just as important as choosing the product. Many established installers criticize (sometimes unfairly) any new installers who are just getting started or who don’t have an established track record.

The State of Florida requires a building permit for hurricane protection installations so you’re going to have an inspector check the installation (even if you install them yourself).

This helps put installers on level ground and assures proper installations, so insist that a permit be pulled for your project and don’t be too concerned about giving a licensed and insured start-up installer a chance to save you money. Every installer was a “newbie” once upon a time, however, having an experienced installer handle things for you is one of the best choices you’ll ever make.

Standard size windows usually don’t require a large deposit to get your project started, but if you order anything that is custom sized you may be required to put down a deposit of 25-50%. Custom sized windows will only fit your house so most factories won’t take them back.

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