FB Doors Single Hung

Another way to protect your home from the damage caused by hurricane winds is by installing impact resistant windows and impact doors. Although these products look like regular windows and doors, they are special and offer much more protection. These systems are capable of withstanding the impact of large objects. With windows and doors of impact, it is no longer necessary to install temporary shutters. In general, the structure and material they are made of will protect your home from the inclemencies and internal changes in pressure that can cause structural damage. Although it is possible that large debris driven by hurricane winds fracture impact-resistant glass, the impact window is designed not to crack or be destroyed. If the frame or glass is damaged, they can always be repaired or replaced. The above information was taken from the Institute for Commercial and Residential Security.

Source: https://huracanes.fiu.edu/preparate-ahora/prepare-su-casa/contraventanas/index.html