For a number of tense days, hurricane Matthew had its sights on southwest Florida. The forecast had homeowners going into panic-mode wondering whether or not their home would be protected. As they scrambled to determine whether or not their windows were hurricane resistant or their shutters ready to take on Matthew.

What are Impact Resistant Doors?

Impact Resistant Doors are made to stay strong under the force of hurricane winds and flying debris. In order to be approved as “impact rated” the design must pass the rigorous Miami-Dade High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) Test or the rigorous Florida Product Approval. If they pass these tests, they may be called Impact Rated.

What is Impact Testing?

In August of 1992, the category 5 Hurricane Andrew created chaos in south Florida. The consequences were devastating. Over 60 people lost their lives and the region sustained an estimated 26 billion in property damage. The state determined the damage could have been reduced if windows and doors withstood some of the hurricane winds and flying debris. To protect future homes, they created a series tests for windows and doors.

How do Impact Resistant Doors Look?

Impact Rated Doors actually provide you with the most effective protection without compromising your home’s appearance. Your house is structurally protected, with no sacrifice in regards to aesthetic. Impact Rated Doors are indistinguishable from any door. They follow identical trends and styles of even the trendy doors in luxury home magazines.

The secret to the additional protection is between the seams. Our impact resistant doors have a special plate that protects against flying debris. There are even doors with glass plates, which also abide by Miami-Dade’s hurricane Testing or the Florida Product Approval standards.

Do Southwest Florida homeowners need impact resistant doors?

The threat of hurricane Matthew reminded most Floridians of the risks involved with living in coastal hurricane prone areas. From beach communities like Marco Island and Naples, to cities like Fort Myers and Cape Coral, home owners have to be compelled to take the mandatory steps to shield their homes. Doors can sometimes be overlooked during hurricane season because most people focus only on windows, but having doors that provide additional protection will certainly be beneficial.

If you would like to protect your home with the best impact resistant doors in Florida, contact our extremely experienced team. FB Doors will bring beauty and safety to your Florida home.