Impact windows FloridaIt ought to come back as no surprise that impact resistant windows are the best measure designed to shield your home from the weather, however they will conjointly facilitate protection from other hazards, such as home-invading thieves. Amongst the most common entry forms for home entry for burglars is through broken windows. Burglars generally break the glass of a window or door, permitting them to unlock the unit and enter your home. This methodology is simple and fast, giving them the opportunity break-in to your home in mere seconds before anyone will notice. However impact windows in your home will greatly deter their ability to try to do this. Let’s inspect some necessary ways in which impact windows stop them:


They are Made to Take the Blasts

These windows were created to resist the impact of debris flying at the highest of speeds, so it would be virtually impossible for a human to be able to break through the glass using popular conventional means, such as a blunt object or simply their hands. With our impact windows, this would not possible. It makes absolute sense that this type of window, made to withstand hurricane-force winds, could certainly hold up to a person with a baseball bat or a hammer.

They Splinter, Not Shatter

Impact-resistant windows are made in a process somewhat similar to your automobiles’ windshield. There are multiple glass layers divided by a middle layer of plastic material that holds them in place in case of an impact. Instead of breaking as a normal glass pane of glass, the impact resistant window splinters, but holds together. This means that even if someone manages to cause the glass to shatter, the person will be unable to walk though it, reach in, or step into the home. An impact window makes it impossible for anyone to manage a simple break-in.

They’re More Time Consuming to Break

While impact windows aren’t indestructible, they are very hard to break. To get through, a burglar would create a ruckus and likely be caught. Breaking through impact windows typically proves to be considerable work and energy, forcing burglars to move on. Thieves usually want a quick in and out when stealing to reduce their possibilities of being caught, however with impact resistant windows, their ability to quickly and quietly enter your house is gone. At FB Doors, we’ll gladly help install windows and doors that protect you from hurricanes, storms, and other break-ins. Contact us today!

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