At FB Doors, we work with quality products from the most recognized brands, among them PGT “WinGuard®️ Vinyl line, offers impact resistant strength, energy efficiency, intruder deterrence, and more. In a recent survey of impact window owners, 95% said that their home values had increased with the update. New Windows and Doors deliver nearly 70% Return on […]

The many advantages of passive hurricane preparation When we talk about preparing for a hurricane, we often think of the immediate actions we take when a hurricane is already bearing down on us. From boarding up windows and stocking up on sandbags to clearing your home’s exterior of loose objects and hurricane food prep, these […]

Impact Windows vs. Shutters: How Do They Compare? Choosing the right hurricane protection for your home or business is crucial for keeping your property, and the people within, safe in areas prone to extreme weather and those considered “wind-borne debris regions.” For many homeowners, the decision comes down to hurricane impact windows versus shutters. From […]

Hurricane shelter

When severe weather emergencies occur, like a hurricane, protection organizations can provide temporary emergency shelters in schools, office buildings and other facilities approved to protect inhabitants who are in danger. These spaces are classified according to the basic and special needs of the people. Therefore, it is very important to have the information of the […]

Documents to bring

At FB DOORS, we care about the security of your family in the presence of hurricanes, and always recommend the installation of impact windows and doors; at the same time, we also recommend your know what important documents you should carry with you in the face of an evacuation: PROPERTY Have a list of belongings […]