At FB DOORS, we care about the security of your family in the presence of hurricanes, and always recommend the installation of impact windows and doors; at the same time, we also recommend your know what important documents you should carry with you in the face of an evacuation:


  • Have a list of belongings in your home.
  • Include photographs of your belongings and your home.
  • Have a list of business inventory and take photographs.
  • Insurance company information and property insurance.


  • Organize the following contact information: A list of official emergency numbers, a list of family and friends, credit card information, bank information, and titles.
  • Have records of animal vaccines and information from your veterinarian.


  • Contact information of your doctor.
  • Information from your health insurance provider (numbers of health insurance policies, claim numbers, contact numbers).
  • Information about blood type, allergies, as well as medical history and current health conditions.
  • Instructions and phone numbers of the pharmacy that supplies your medications.
  • Documents that identify disabilities or access and functional needs.

Keep the files stored in a thumb drive, and keep a hard copy of your documents in bags or waterproof containers.

Source: Florida Department of Health.