hurricane doors and windowsWhether you are looking to sell your house or are simply interested in future planning, there are specific steps you can take to add value to your home. As you make your update wish list, consider the following tips.

    1. Invest in your landscaping. Your home’s value extends beyond its interior features and exterior quality. The state of your lawn also makes a difference. Be sure to take the time to care for your grass, weed your garden, and trim any unruly trees. Consider investing in decorative rocks, benches, and other features to add beautiful details.


    1. Replace your windows. Damaged, faulty, or leak-prone windows are only going to decrease your home’s value. Consider installing impact windows to your home to seal in air and prevent storm damage. These durable features are made of polyvinyl butyral between two pieces of glass, which will last for years to come.


    1. Update your kitchen and bathroom features. These rooms are central to your home, so make sure you invest in their function and aesthetic. Consider modernizing your kitchen appliances and updating your countertop. Take a similar approach in your bathroom, replacing your old shower, toilet, and sink for newer models. Fresh and modern features will add value to even the oldest homes.


    1. Add break in protection. Updating your home security will make your home an attractive option for potential buyers. Be sure to test your security system and update it if necessary. To physically keep burglars out, consider investing in impact or hurricane doors and windows. These features are difficult to break or force open, keeping your family secure.


  1. Make your home more energy efficient. The best high impact windows and HVAC systems will keep your energy bills down and your home more comfortable. In today’s market, energy efficiency is a high priority. Consider scheduling an energy audit to see where you can make improvements.

When investing in your home’s future and selling potential, be sure to make a list of priority projects. You may not be able to do everything, but you can make a big difference by making just a handful of changes. These needs could change as you get closer to selling, so be sure to access your home’s value periodically.

If you are taking steps to add home value, FB Doors is here to help. As an industry leader in hurricane doors and windows, our products are sure to add home protection and energy efficiency.