Why need impact resistant

Much of the damage that occurs during a hurricane can come from objects breaking windows or doors, leaving them fractured and defective. Impact fractures in violent weather can result in catastrophic air movements and pressure equalizations in the home.

Windows and doors have are crucial during hurricane season. Laminated glass reduces the possibility of a fracture during a strong windstorm, keeping the air pressure out and the house safe.

House without protection against wind impact
When the outside air is pressurized, a low-pressure air bag can enter your home; as it expands, the force may be enough to blow a roof off.

Protected house
Simply by using impact windows and doors, the potential for damage is drastically reduced.

At FB DOORS, we offer you the security that your family needs in the presence of hurricanes through the installation of impact windows and doors. At FB DOORS, we use the most recognized and advanced systems, and our products include antihurricane certification. Our products are always in accordance with the necessary standards to ensure the quality and protection of your family.