From June 1 to November 30.

The hurricane season is here, and we must be aware of the care and precautions we must take before, during and after this time. Here are some measures to be considered in the face of the threat of this natural danger:

  • Keep calm
  • Stay at home, if it is secure.
  • Leave home if authorities call for an evacuation.
  • Do not cross streams formed by rain, either while walking or driving.
  • Always follow news and weather reports.
  • Close your gas and water valves.
  • In case of evacuation, follow the instructions of the proper authorities.

At FB DOORS, we offer you the security that your family needs in the presence of hurricanes, with the installation of impact windows and doors. At FB DOORS, we use the most recognized and advanced systems; our products include anti-hurricane certification and are approved against high impact winds and rains. Our products are always in accordance with the necessary standards to ensure the safety and protection of your family. FB DOORS: the elite contractor to protect families all over South Florida.