What are impact windows?

Impact-resistant windows offer protection to homes by combining high-strength frames with impact-resistant laminated glass, in addition to a special silicone glazing process to prevent glass from falling out of its frame. The impact resistant glass consists of two glass panels joined together with a special intermediate layer of transparent polyvinyl butyral.

Although the debris carried by the wind or an attempt of penetration can break the glass at the moment of the impact, the middle layer keeps the window and the door intact, avoiding destructive winds penetrating your home.

At FB DOORS we recommend replacing traditional windows with impact-resistant windows that will help protect the pressure envelope of your home. At FB DOORS, we offer you the security that your family needs in the presence of hurricanes, with the installation of impact windows and doors. Our products include anti-hurricane certification and are approved against high impact winds. Our products are always in accordance with the necessary standards to ensure the quality and protection of your family