Featuring a classic style that features a movable bottom sash (or panel) that slides open and closed vertically, while the top sash stays stationary. Single-Hung Windows allow a significant amount of natural light into the home and provide a wide opening which offers maximum ventilation. These windows are ideal for rooms facing walkways, porches or patios. It has a number of benefits:

  • Enhanced security against intruders
  • Reduced outdoor noise – relax in a peaceful ambience
  • Movable bottom sash that slides open vertically
  • Prevents a major portion of UV light from entering your home-cooler interiors
  • Save on energy costs by incorporating laminated insulating glass in the design
  • Pre-tensioned spiral balance system
  • Integrated lift rails and deluxe swivel locks

Single hung windows have a vertically sliding bottom sash and they don’t stick out. These can also be locked in the case of egress and/or handicap requirements. You have a wide range of sizes and styles to pick from, but if you aren’t satisfied with standard designs, feel free to get custom patterns, along with equal or pro-view glass orientations.

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