En FB Doors, evaluamos constantemente todo lo relacionado con la tecnología de puertas y ventanas de impacto. De acuerdo con el ranking de Remodelación, el reemplazo de ventanas ha ocupado un FB Doors, we constantly evaluate everything related to impact window and door technology. According to the Remodeling rankings, window replacement has ranked high into the rank. “There’s good reason for these results—especially when you factor in the advancements in window technology that do everything from improving energy efficiency to reducing sound. Other benefits of window replacements include improved home security and safety, reduced dust and allergens, improved home comfort, ease of care and maintenance, and enhanced curb appeal.

Speaking of curb appeal, new colors, styles, and designs have the potential to significantly alter the look and feel of your home. For example, one popular window trend maximizes glass area to create a contemporary look and unobstructed views.

Similarly, new doors also offer prime value. Upgrading to a new single French door, for example, can do everything from letting in more light to creating additional access.

Hurricane impact windows and doors also make a huge difference when it comes to protecting your home and belongings from extreme weather. As catastrophic weather events continue to increase, many homeowners are choosing to invest in the extra protection provided by these doors and windows”.

Source: cgiwindows.com/