At FB Doors advise our customers when selecting the material for new high-impact doors and windows. We have high-impact vinyl and aluminum windows and doors, between both materials existing different characteristics and prices. The following is a brief description of the benefits of each material, so you can decide which one is best suited for your property.

“Vinyl Windows and Doors:

Highly Energy Efficient

Vinyl performs extremely well when it comes to energy efficiency. Designed to minimize drafts, vinyl comes with strong thermal performance ratings, which is highly beneficial in Florida and other warm climates.

Stronger Soundproofing

Vinyl windows are highly rated when it comes to soundproofing. (Aluminum does just fine in this category, but vinyl gains the edge.)

Extremely Low Maintenance

Homeowners find vinyl to be pretty much maintenance-free. Once installed, vinyl windows and doors need occasional cleaning but require no major maintenance or care. You don’t have to worry about weathering since vinyl windows are designed to withstand the elements. Not to mention, they are highly moisture resistant. Vinyl is very durable and is not prone to swelling or warping.

Plenty of Stylish Options to choose from

One of the benefits homeowners loves is the fact vinyl offers so many awesome styles and colors. Go traditional with white or go bold with black vinyl windows or doors. You can even get a wooden look with vinyl, including grains and all that contain micro-ingredients to enhance thermal performance and promote color stability.


Aluminum Windows and Doors:

Possesses Great Durability

Aluminum windows and doors are built to last. This means fewer replacements over the time you own your home. These durable products are designed to withstand extreme weather exposure and can repel the damage typically caused by moisture.

Requires Minimal Maintenance

Easy maintenance is a highly appealing factor to people who opt to invest in aluminum. Aside from routine cleaning, there is no significant maintenance involved once installed. These windows and doors will never need to be painted or stained.

Adds Great Curb Appeal

High-quality aluminum windows and doors will last for years to come. Many models come with double weather-stripping and interlocking meeting rails. These features equate to better energy efficiency as it keeps heat and A/C in, as it simultaneously keeps outdoor weather elements out.