At FB DOORS, we care about the kind of security your family needs in the presence of hurricanes. We like keeping you informed about the risks of hurricanes; one of the most lethal storms that have passed through the United States in the last decade was Hurricane Sandy, the strongest tropical cyclone of the 2012 hurricane season. It was the largest recorded diameter (1,900 km) and the second to cause more damage in the US after Katrina, which made landfall in Louisiana in August 2005.

Floods produced by Sandy

As a tropical depression, Sandy powerfully ravaged through Colombia and Venezuela, its outer clouds affected Haiti and the Dominican Republic. As a hurricane, it passed through Cuba, The Bahamas, Bermuda and Jamaica, and already weakened by the time it hit the United States and Canada. The greatest impact, however, was received by the United States, where it affected 24 of the 50 states, due to the intensity of the winds, swells, rain, snow and the enormous dimensions of the hurricane (1800 km in diameter) when it touched land on the east coast. Sandy claimed the lives of 253 people in the Caribbean, the United States and Canada.