At FB DOORS, we care about the security that your family needs in the presence of hurricanes, and always recommend the installation of impact windows and doors; We also recommend you make a Family Emergency Plan with which you can respond to the presence of a hurricane or natural disaster in your city.

This plan will reflect what you and your family will do, as well as what you should have on hand, where you should go in case of evacuation, and what to do with your pets.

– List each person who will cover your plan and complete contact information for each one.

– List all the supplies and equipment necessary for each person.

– Identify any health conditions or needs in your group and include instructions, as well as the medications and care needed for each one.

– Decide where to go if an evacuation is necessary.

– Plan your route and include alternative options.

– Have copies of the financial, insurance and medical records on hand and keep them with your emergency plan.

– Make sure children know and understand the emergency plan.

– Include your pets in the plan.