FB Doors literally “opened its doors” more than 21 years ago.  We incorporated as Four BLR Doors Corp in 2007.  The journey since then has been exciting and eventful! To put it in a nutshell, we are a premier installation company that specializes in high impact, resistant windows and doors in South Florida.

Thanks to our loyal clients from companies, large organizations and local businesses looking to expand, we have earned quite a name for ourselves when it comes to high-quality installation and engineering design. Our work doesn’t end when the installation process is over because we strive to achieve both aesthetics and functionality. FB Doors provides customized solutions to offer the best possible security for your home by protecting against outside elements and intruders.


We deal in the most recognized and advanced systems needed for anti-hurricane windows and doors certification like the “large impact missile test”.

As mentioned, our products are always in compliance with the necessary standards.

Being a complete protection solutions provider, all aspects of installation are handled by our team. The results speak for themselves in terms of quality assurance.


We have a fully trained staff on board, whose duties include coordinating responsibilities, giving information and providing the best customer service, so there is no scope for complaints. We are available round the clock and during weekends (if required).

Job Supervisors
Each project is supervised and reviewed on a daily basis to answer concerns or clear doubts (if any).

Installation Crew
Our crew is hired and put on payroll as we believe in consistency. There are no sub-contractors involved here.